Central Tejas Research

CTR web development


Goal: Create a secure website that allows online ordering of documents and provides a robust back-end system for both the company and their clients. The previous website sent all orders through email. On occasion the emails would get lost in transit and there was no way to track if anything was ordered, or when, and the client would get frustrated when their orders were not ready as expected.

ISDG Solution: While the front end of this website is fairly basic, the back-end rocks! Once the client is logged in, they can order as many documents as they like. All orders are tracked in a CRM system, showing the date, time, person and company who placed the order. Managers can view and track what their employees are ordering, and are able to pick up for the employee should they be unavailable. CTR is able to assign project fees, upload documents for the client to retrieve, and close out the order all on one screen. Additionally, they can pull monthly billing records directly from the CRM. Records are sortable by company, person who ordered, date of order, date of billing, and type of report. The system has changed the way they take care of business, in a very good way!

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